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Before I Die I Want To…

(1) Learn how to Free Dive

(2) Fall in Love…like ‘really’ in love…

(3) Live in Italy

(4) Publish

(5) Reconnect with my femininity

(6) Cook my way through Isabel Allendes book of Aphrodisiacs “Aphrodite”…

(7) Ride in the Noosa bike race and be a serious contender…ggrrhh

(8) Own my own business

(9) Have children


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I recieved an email in my inbox this morning with the titillating title “How to create a Vibrant Financial Life through Yoga!” via the Divine Feminine Yoga Telesummit...(via my mobile phone while I was still in bed). So I thought ‘right, up you get, this is exciting…!’ I threw the covers back, stood up and realised I was bone TIRED and feeling a little mentally sluggish as well…

Whenever I am feeling flat and don’t have the time to stretch , exercise or meditate I do 3 things:

(1) A quick TIDY of my space…freeing up your space creates mental space as well. Scientists at Princeton University found when your environment is cluttered, the chaos restricts your ability to focus.

(2) Rock on a bright LIPPY…One of my favourites ‘Cherries in the Snow’ by Revlon instantly brightens my day…Lipstick reminds me about the sensual side of being a woman and makes me feel instantly brighter!…PLUS I am about to sit down and create new neural pathways while reading about finances AND the Divine Feminine right? 

(3) Burn a CANDLE…One of my favourites ‘French Pear’ by LOU LOU is a soy based locally and hand made candle sold in a marketa in Surfers Paradise and in my fav gourmet store in James st Burleigh Heads. 
Dr. Gary E. Schwartz, a professor of psychology and psychiatry at Yale University, has found that certain scents produce changes in blood pressure and other physiological responses comparable to those achieved through meditation….Bring on the relaxation!!!…Yum yum…French Pear…

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fresh clean sheets entice me to tumble into its wanton enclave
we fill it with the secret dreams and the soft curves of our bodies

translucent, like the palest skin
succulent juices overflow, staining our fingers

this togetherness containing a stone, the rock of our co-joining reality
it vibrates and disintegrates before our eyes
becomes words I can describe

I sense any hesitancy disappear in your enticement
it disappears and you lift yourself further into my body

our shadows dance on the wall
mingling with the candlelight, flickering

beneath skin and bones
beneath flesh ad scent even

'Bedroom Tales'

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I usually paint women, flowers, feminine influences…I imagined this painting while day dreaming…Sometimes a picture is the only words we can find to describe how we feel…

I usually paint women, flowers, feminine influences…I imagined this painting while day dreaming…Sometimes a picture is the only words we can find to describe how we feel…

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The Well

I’m like a very deep well

the wind softly ripples

the surface of my calm

the deep sultry shadows

of viscous fluid undulate

in expectation

the floor is still and dark

it is silence and encompassing wisdom

the breath is held and 

the heart listens

i hold more than I appear to deceive

solitude is may rancour

my nemesis

my sometimes lover

the wind over the yield of my toil is a certain pleasure

i understand many things

i hear the ancient

gods whispering

i always have time

for the child whose heart yearns

for the genuine man or woman

for learning

for love

i rest in this deep well

it is my retreat

i know it as soul

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4th September (1) Afternoon / Evening (Australia)

The fetid, earthy loam thick with mulch and moist
hundreds of curling wooden tendrils ooze
thrust upward
curl in upon themselves
a seething mass of roots and rotten foliage

a pathway, indistinct
leading down to the fence
you can see the park
a shape like an oblong between the trees
and fence posts

voices carry on the afternoon wind
varying sounds
children, their mothers and groups of young men
cars in the distance
the whirling wheel of spokes and pedals flying
the sudden sharp sound of magpies and the crows caw

life in the pond is busy as common ducks chopper in
skimming the water surface
before their weight plummets them deeper into the murky water
it’s all expected
these sudden arrivals and departures
a few chases and flurries over lily pads and water fungi
then, calm resumes

grey clouds hover in segregated levels
all colors, warm yellow,
blue and off white intermingle

a cyclist catches my eye
one moment is ours,
then it is gone
i want to reach out and touch him
but, he is too quick for me

the cool evening air sends me inside
as the dark encroaches
silence comes with it
the crickets crank up their orchestra
it sounds like
water lapping
i close the door